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Local, honest street food

Wanderers Kneaded

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Who We Are

Wanderers Kneaded is an idea born from over a decade of experience in leading pizzerias. What makes us worth your while is our sheer drive and determination to bring our A-Game to your events, birthdays, weddings (we can even make those corporate events worth going to).

Everything that we give to you is made from scratch - making its delicious journey from our wooden board to yours. Taste the passion that keeps us going in this day-dream filled with mozzarella!

Wander-ful Beginnings

Our OG wanderer left his home of Italy as merely a teen, and decided to travel to Europe doing the only thing he knew how - pizzas! After a decade creating and finessing successful pizzerias in his adopted country, he's decided to put this knowledge towards a bigger goal, the ultimate experience of an independent , artisan pizzeria on wheels!

We took our pocket money and leap of faith, and invested in a disused, old-school food truck in 2017. With grit and a whole lot of perseverance (combined with revisiting some Pimp My Ride episodes) we have managed to bring this back from the dead. Containing a classic Italian wood-fired oven, with a chic cast iron exterior we promise to add glam to all of your event.

Our oven was made handmade, brick by brick and is originally inspired from the memories of a 90s Italian childhood. Seeing almost this exact one very day in a tiny countryside town in Italy, built his best friend's grandfather over years before, our Wanderer became entranced. And now we bring this memory with us, to share with you, our Wanderers.

Wandering with an Aim

We are trying to achieve the seemingly impossible: to create an honest and conscientious business committed to giving back, and being open with our customers about what they're building. One of our most prioritised goals is our 'No-Wastage Policy", with over 6OO,OOO tonnes of food from pubs, restaurants etc being disposed of annually in the UK it's up to us to clean up our oct.

Our strategy for achieving this is using a combination of local markets every day to scout for fresh, high quality produce in the right quantities; using only local forms to help us with our selection of meat and cheese; and lastly an independent, Italian, family-business supplier that brings us the finest selection of goods such as 00 Caputo flour and San marzano tomotoes.

An added benefit of this technique is that we can customise and design our menu specifically for you. If you give us a rough idea of who we're catering for and what you are imagining when you day dream about our slices - we con do the creating!

The same goals of any dietary preferences and requirements you might have, that's right vegans we're talking to you. Using a wood fired oven can be difficult while trying to minimise our environmental impact - which is why we've decided to source our fire wood only from UK fallen trees.

All of that so you con enjoy our hybrid pizza dough, proofed for 72 hours and hand stretched, coming from a recipe developed throughout the years to give you this mouth watering experience, entirely karma free.

Where We Wander

We are currently based in the heart of Edinburgh City, however we are capable and determined to travel out to you to ensure you don't miss out on a pizza.

Check the map below to see if your event is in the Wanderers Range. We don't like leaving people broken hearted so even if you're a bit further a field why don't you drop us on email to see if we can make an exception for you!

Wander with Us

For a free quote just send an email to:

Just include the address, date, duration of your event, and roughly how many mouths you're expected to feed.